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Can the Rams do it with just four receivers?

So maybe you had better get used to this four receiver roster after all. As of now, all signs point to the St. Louis Rams opening the regular season in Seattle with just four receivers on the roster. It's been widely expected here and around the interwebs that they would most certainly add a receiver after cutting Nate Jones (and adding him to the practice squad) to clear space for DT LaJuan Ramsey and S Anthony Smith, a move that put them at their current total of just four WRs.

I'm still in benefit of the doubt mode for Spagnuolo and Co.. However, that seems a little risky with Donnie Avery just coming off a broken foot (he did play a couple series against the Chiefs last week though). The payroll might be figuring into the decision at this point, since any veteran WR they pick up now would get his contract guaranteed by being on the opening day roster. Wait a week and they're free to talk turkey with potential additions. They could also be waiting to see what Philly, with seven WRs on the roster, decides to do with Hank Baskett and Reggie Brown.

Let's get to the question of whether or not the Rams need more than four receivers. I think they do, especially given the injury history of Laurent Robinson and Keenan Burton. Do they need a fifth guy in time for the Seattle game? That's another matter. Pat Shurmur's offense calls for plenty of two tight end sets. We'll also be treated to Steven Jackson lining up in the slot or out wide on some plays too, something we did not see in the preseason. Those players could be the key to matchups this week, since Seattle has a pretty good group of linebackers.

Don't expect four receivers to suffice as the season goes on.