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Rams host free agent RB: Random Ramsdom, 9/8

It's a game week, regular season game week as the St. Louis Rams get ready to take on the Seattle Seahawks to pull the curtain off the new look franchise.


ESPN has their NFL team previews up, with expert projections (we're projected to finish 4th in the division), info from Scouts, Inc. and more. Here's the bottom line from their preview:

The Rams took the safe route by selecting an offensive tackle, Jason Smith, with the second overall choice. They had too much money invested in Marc Bulger to select a quarterback early without considering other options. Of course, the Rams couldn't help but draft for need because they had so many from which to choose. Second-round linebacker James Laurinaitis filled another one. The biggest disappointment might have been failing to find an impact receiver, but how many of those are there in a given draft?

It never ceases to amaze me how closely NFL projections follow precedent. Barring the addition of a big time free agent or a sexy draft pick, predictions from the experts always look a lot like the final standings from the season before...which ought to tell you something about the usefulness of predictions.

The Rams will be hosting RB Gary Russell for a visit today. Russell got some work down the stretch as a short yardage guy for the Steelers, getting a Super Bowl TD. In preseason with the Raiders, he had 28 carries for 154 yards and 3 TDs. Russell averaged 5.5 yards per carry. He also shows some promise as a return man, where the Steelers also used him in the postseason. This news has to make Kenneth Darby a little worried.

Apparently, S Anthony Smith was quite a prize for the Rams, as a number of teams wanted him, but the Rams had an early shot at him thanks to their waiver priority status. Few thought he would be cut in Green Bay.

QB Marc Bulger and his broken pinkie will take snaps under center (he's been fine out of the shotgun) for the first time since the week after the Jets preseason game on Wednesday. You can pretty much guarantee it will be painful. How painful is the real question.

DT Adam Carriker has shoulder surgery tomorrow. Meh.