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Random Ramsdom Sept. 7th, 2009: Clean Start


What a whirlwind of a off-season this was...And the season hasn't even started yet! This team has changed most of the pieces from both on and off the field and hopefully, that will translate into a better and brighter future. Bring on the Seachickens.

Lets get into the news for today:


Jason Smith seems ready to assume the role of starting right tackle.

The Chiefs game was rough for injures, and Will from Ramsherd looks at some of the players we could pick up to replace the injured players.

It's prediction time, as Gene Woj. thinks "5 or 6 wins aren't out of the question". Guess who he thinks will be in the Superbowl? (Hint: a washed out QB on the Vikings).

Norman Chad at picks the one and only Detroit Lions as the "team of destiny". Team of Destiny = going to the superbowl, for anyone wondering.

Oh, and just about everyone else at ESPN or SI has the Patriots winning it all. All is right in the world.

Enjoy Labor Day everyone!