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When/Will the Rams add another WR?


According to reports, it's believed the Rams waived WR Nate Jones to make room for CB Anthony Smith and DT LaJuan Ramsey. That leaves the Rams roster with just 4 wide receivers, an impossibly low number for the final roster. 

Clearly there's another shoe to drop, and that will most likely involve making a move for a receiver. 

Eagles WR Reggie Brown remained on the Eagles roster, but it's unlikely they'll keep seven WRs. Of course, there are other possibilities. For that to happen, the Rams will likely need to make another cut of  their own. Smith and Ramsey could both be auditioning this week, as well as the other players at those positions. I can't imagine any DT is safe right now other than Clifton Ryan

More roster moves sure to come.