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Random Ramsdom, 9/6: Post-Cut Come Down

This is the last Sunday where there won't be much to talk about. The Rams don't practice today, but things heat up this week as they get ready to take on Seattle to open the season. Some randomness to chew on...

Rams head coach Steven Spagnuolo is concerned about the running game, on both sides of the ball, after the Rams struggled in their last three preseason outings on the ground. Part of that has much to do with the fact that we were without starters in those games, particularly in the middle. That should improve with Incognito back in the lineup next to Jason Brown. Jacob Bell still has to prove he can do the job. 

Rams first round pick, second overall, OT Jason Smith will probably be starting against Seattle next week. The kid showed decided improvement since some shaky play against Atlanta. 

It's early, but Spags is winning the PD columnist primary.

The Rams current roster features one less running back than usual (including full backs in that count).

Western Missouri, usually Chiefs country, is cheering the Rams and more specifically G Roger Allen. 

And now, keep an eye on the wire....