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CFB open thread #3: OU v. BYU, LSU v. Wash, Bama v. Va. Tech

[HUGE UPDATE, 8:32PM] Sam Bradford just came down hard on his throwing shoulder.  The consensus #1 QB prospect, the Heisman trophy winner, the man upon whom OU's championship hopes rest is on his way to the locker room...

[UPDATE, 9:10PM] Early reports are that the X-rays on Bradford were negative.  Nevertheless, he's got the arm in a sling and has ice on the shoulder; he will not return.  Oklahoma is in a tough spot tonight.

  You don't get a better opening Saturday for college football fans or for NFL draftniks.

  I'll be in and out, but feel free to use this regardless of which QB you're watching: Sam Bradford, Max Hall, Jordan Jefferson, Jake Locker, Greg McElroy or Tyrod Taylor.