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CFB open thread #2: Okla St. v. Georgia

  I'm kicking in another thread to deal with the midday games.  What names or positions intrigue you in light of the Rams' cuts?  What colleges are you most interested in?  I'm sure we've got some Mizzou fans out there; they've got a solid opener in St. Lou about to kick off against Illinois.  We've got a weekend full of college matchups and NFL prospects.  What's on your mind?

[UPDATE: 5:34pm EST] Russell Okung, OT OSU, just went down, but was able to make it to the sideline without help.  Okung is regarded as one of the best OT prospects in the country and is a 1st round lock.  I'll update with more once I hear what happened.

[UPDATE: 5:42pm EST] Arrelious Benn, WR Illinois, is out for the rest of the Missouri-Illinois game with a sprained ankle.  Benn is a top 3 WR pick with OSU's Dez Bryant and LSU's Brandon LaFell.  Hopefully, he can come back from this soon so the Rams can get a fuller look at him.