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NFL Cut Down Day: Open Thread

3k will be keeping tabs on potential future Rams with game threads throughout the day.

3k note: I'll be in this open thread through the OSU-Georgia game.

[Note by VanRam, 09/05/09 3:38 PM EDT ] Jeez, OG John Greco broke his wrist against the Chiefs, has to have surgery and is out 2-3 weeks. Could be worse, but, man, the minor breaks and strains are dogging the Rams this month. Hopefully, they won't need him in that time.

[Note by VanRam, 09/05/09 2:37 PM EDT ] Berlin gets the axe, making Null third QB. Schuening and two other OL are gone as is FB Jerome Johnson (who could be a practice squader).

[Note by VanRam, 09/05/09 12:57 PM EDT ] The Rams have cut WR Ronald Curry. Are they going to go with just five WRs? Surely Tim Carter doesn't make the final cut?

[Note by VanRam, 09/05/09 12:59 PM EDT ] Dominic Rhodes is now available...hmmm. THoughts?

Lots of names you've heard of and never heard of will be getting their walking papers today. Team will be making cuts based on performance and salary savings. St. Louis Rams GM Billy Devaney has been pretty astute cherry picking the waiver wire for help, so keep an eye on what names emerge that could be of potential interest to the Rams.

Based on preseason and camp results, I'd say the priorities for positions of need for the Rams are:

  1. Defensive tackle - with Carriker out, and a question mark in Hollis Thomas, we could use someone else, especially since the run defense still looks vulnerable to the big play.
  2. Running back - Maybe Gado's ribs are fine, but I'd still keep an eye out for a real speedster to complement SJ39.
  3. Cornerback - Don't get me wrong, this unit has a great future ahead. Still, a veteran presence would ease a lot of minds, especially in a division featuring Fitzgerald and Boldin. Don't forget we have a game against the Colts this season too.
  4. Wide receiver - This would have atop the list four weeks ago, but Avery looks ready to go and Laurent Robinson really made his mark this month.
Keep your eyes on the wire and jump in. We'll have the Rams cuts as soon as we know.