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Adam Carriker likely out for the season

It's being reported that St. Louis Rams DT Adam Carriker will need surgery on the shoulder he injured last night in preseason play against the Chiefs...the same should he injured in his rookie season.

That will likely put him out for the 2009 season, to say nothing of where it puts his career.

I'd say this is a major blow to the Rams, but they obviously weren't counting on Carriker at this point anyway, not since he got demoted to the second team upon his return from an ankle injury...the same ankle he injured last year and in college.

That makes the Rams DT lineup for the final roster Clifton Ryan, Gary Gibson, Darell Scott, and Hollis Thomas. I'd be shocked and awed if they don't add some talent at DT before the season starts, whether by waiting for roster cuts or trade.