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Adam Carriker injured

St. Louis Rams defensive tackle Adam Carriker suffered a shoulder injury against the Chiefs last night, and by all accounts it seems like it could be serious. The team isn't saying much about the injury, but Spagnuolo conveyed his dismay that it could be a bad situation.

If you recall, Carriker was just coming back from an ankle injury, getting into his first taste of preseason work last night...with the second  team. The former first round pick has battled injuries throughout his college (didn't stop Linehan and Haslett from drafting him at #14 overall though) and professional careers.

I know the extent of the injury isn't known, but this does not bode well for Carriker's future in the league. He has officially earned the label "injury risk" and calling him a "bust" isn't out of line either. 

If Carriker's injury is as serious as it sounds, the Rams would probably opt to stick him on the PUP list, starting the season with Clifton Ryan, preseason surprise Gary Gibson, Darell Scott, and Hollis Thomas at DT. That's not a great DT lineup, but can be serviceable in this system. Obviously DL jumps to the top of the priority list next year.