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Turf Show Radio, 9/30: Where do we go from here?


  Another Wednesday, another episode (link) of Turf Show Radio.  Special guests this week: author Gore Vidal and ex-Vikings QB Fran Tarkenton.  What's that?  They've both cancelled to do Jim Rome?!  Damn you Rome!

  Well, you can always fill the void left by Vidal and Tarkenton (or as I call them, Vidarkenton) by calling 347-945-5845.  We'll be on air from 7:00-7:45 CST and then have a quick overtime period, so be sure to tune in.  Rumor has it Francis G. Slay, the mayor of the Lou, is an avid listener.

  If you have a topic or a question you want to hear on air, use this as an open thread for all things TSR.  I have a feeling Hollis Thomas is going to have a big week...  The show is below the jump and should be playable around 8:15 CST or so.