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Roster Moves Wednesday: Random Ramsdom 9/30

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  • The Rams have cut DT Hollis Thomas. He was a big body in the middle, but maybe too big and too old.
  • Also, WR Nate Jones has been promoted from the practice squad to fill the void left by Laurent Robinson. He was a player at Texas, but there's probably a reason he has yet to crack the big leagues. Only time will tell.
  • Bernie says that Bulger v. Boller is not the debate to be having. I wholeheartedly agree.
  • The Rams are -9 1/2 dogs on the road against the 'Niners.
  • Steve Korte on Bulger's status and what the depth chart will look like if he's out. Keith Null anyone?

I have to cut it short this morning because I have a meeting that I'm already late to. Have a great Wednesday and as always Go Rams!