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Bash your cross-state metro area

Cracker pizza? It's thin crust, and that's the way it was invented in Italy. What am I talking about? The city & team bashing in preparation for the Governor's Cup battle has begun. The first salvo directed at the honor of our St. Louis Rams went out this morning at Arrowhead Pride, including such tripe as Boulevard Beer>Budweiser...

Well, okay they may have it on that one, but Boulevard Beer has a notoriously low alcohol content. Schlafly Beer is worlds above Boulevard, and O'Fallon is fit for everyday use atop Mt. Olympus.

Folks, weigh in. For starters, let's compare the number of Super Bowl appearances since the Rams moved to St. Louis in 1995. The Rams lead that category, 2-0. Number of seasons the Rams & Chiefs made it beyond the first round of the playoffs: 3-0.

Open up, Rams fans, open up.

(note: this is all in good fun, so keep it moderately nice.)