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Random Ramsdom: Sept 3rd, 2009


So this is it. It's kind of difficult to imagine that even though it's the preseason, the Rams have a chance to win one more game then they did all last year. A good win against Kansas City might even be able to give them some momentum into the regular season.

The think-tanks at STLToday ask if Steven Jackson is still an elite back. He better be or else this whole "feed the ball to 39 and watch what happens" plan isn't going to go very well.

Ramsherd has a look at the key QB battle that will go down for the last preseason game. It's make or break time Null.

Arrowhead Pride notes that we probably should be ready for an aerial assault with Todd Haley calling the plays now. Calling Joe Wade and Brandon Fletcher.

Ross Tucker looks at different types of bubble mentalities. Where do you think our players fit? SI has the Rams going 5-11 this year in the NFL scouting preview as well- that's last place if anyone is wondering.

TMQ on has a NFC Preview. I'll save you the trouble because this is all he says about the team:
St. Louis: The Rams, who already have a player named Richie Incognito, drafted a player named Keith Null. I've seen Null play -- he's got nothing. The same may be said of a team on a 5-27 run.

They just can't catch a break...

Have a good Thursday!