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Random Ramsdom, 9/29: Reading between the lines on the injury report

It's a bloody mary morning for the St. Louis Rams, who'll need an a.m. remedy for a bad news hangover. Let's put our finger on the slowly fading pulse of the Rams 2010 season with your Tuesday Random Ramsdom.


The injury report looks bleak, until you remember that the offense hasn't done much anyhow. Boller likely gets the start this week against the 49ers. SS James Butler is out two weeks; with Gore out that's easier to absorb, but against Adrian Peterson and the Vikings the week after, he'll be missed. Smith coming back means slightly better protection for Boller.


Maybe not 0-16, but Rams still have a chance at a dubious record
This is not the kind of record you want to set.


Is WR Matt Jones worth a look?
I always thought Jones didn't give s@#t. But could the guy that used to sit and talk to himself on the bench during Razorbacks games be the best WR out there right now?


2010 Mock draft
It's never too early. Most of the mocks have the Rams taking Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford, and taking the best QB seems to make the most sense for this team. Of course, there's a huge need at WR...and DT...and DE...