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Shoulder injury not serious for Bulger

St. Louis Rams QB Marc Bulger does not have a torn rotator cuff. The shoulder injury he suffered in yesterday's "game" is not serious.

It still seems unlikely that he'll play next week against San Francisco.

I'm sure we'll be talking more about the QB situation this week, but here's my preliminary thought on the matter. I think Boller should start, given the current circumstances. Regular readers know that I am not a Bulger hater, but if this offense is going to continue to run and throw four- and five-yard passes, Boller is a better option simply because he can scramble. If they decide to start throwing deep and integrating those plays into their game planning, then Bulger is a better option.

I think Bulger's time with the Rams is over...or at least he should probably hope it is. If he could find a new home in a precision offense with lots of protection, he will do well. In St. Louis...

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