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Random Ramsdom: Sept. 24th, 2009

Ah yes, Thursday. It's almost the weekend- but not quite. Let's jump into the stories for today, shall we? (I'm going to try the whole "bullet" thing today, since that's been the format recently. Wish me luck).

  • Ever want to be Billy Devaney? Well, Jeff at Ramsgab did. An actual fan letter, with his responses. Are we still at the point of saying Stephen Jackson? Really, come on now.
  • Ramsherd takes a look at the "Mike Karney Factor". The numbers may shock you. Keep in mind Steven Jackson likes to dance, but it's a bit surprising.
  • Sando says to keep faith with Bulger. Amen.
  • Mitchell_M at the Acme Packing Company reminded me of my bold-as-hell prediction...with a nice dose of Admiral Ackbar. Trap game indeed. I'm just waiting to see what their fans think of us. 
That's all for now. Get back to work you slackers!

As always, have a good Thursday.