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Overreaction Monday: Week 2 @ Washington

Another game of disappointment, another tough-to-stomach Monday for Rams fans. I didn't get to watch the game live, but my wife, being as great as she is, sent me some timely text message updates. To understate it, I was shocked at the score every time she sent it.

To limit the Redskins to just 9 points is a phenomenal success. I would hope we all agree that the defense is the strength of this team. With injuries on the O-line, and what has to be a dejected Donnie Avery, Coach Spagnuolo (whose delay to the media underscores his own dejection) has a lot to deal with this week before the Rams open at home against the Packers. I'll get grades up either tomorrow or Wednesday before the next episode of Turf Show Radio.

For now, let's all vent together. It's cathartic, or so they tell me.

A couple notes (all my opinion, so shoot me if necessary):

- The offense is not Bulger's fault. How much more would he be getting thrown under the bus if he had tossed a couple INTs by now? He's trying to make platinum out of poop. If Donnie Avery and Randy McMichael were making the plays Bulger expects them to make when he releases the ball, drives would be longer and he would have more opportunities to throw and rack up stats (which are a poor barometer to gauge performance, but nevertheless). And BTW, the damn rollouts need to quit. It's obvious Bulger cannot make the plays on the run that the staff is hoping; just quit calling them. A more productive running game would help him as well, but I'm not going to be that greedy.

- Someone besides Laurent Robinson needs to step up. I'll let the community continue to rail on Avery and McMichael (fairly), but the truth is the passing game cannot rely on High-Scorin' Laurent alone. Where is the deep ball to Avery? Where is Keenan Burton? It's obvious we don't have enough talent at WR, but will can succeed where talent is absent. Shurmur and Spags have to find ways to make the passing game useful. Otherwise, this is going to get uglier and uglier as teams bear down on Action Jackson.

- Why no love for Incognito? I consider myself a man of fairness, so to see everyone rail on him last week when he deserved it and then ignore the game he played yesterday seems unfair. I'm not suggesting he's turned over a new leaf, but if the goal is to turn him into a player known for his pancakes and not his mistakes, yesterday is the standard to achieve, no? So why no props for Crazy Richie?

- The D-line sucks. I'm already eyeing Carlos Dunlap or a DT in the 1st round. 72 passing attempts faced and just 1 sack? Only the Cowboys have been worse: 80 attempts faced, 0 sacks. I think it speaks to the quality of the secondary that they have played so well with so little pressure to help them out. Still, they won't be able to keep teams out of the end zone every game (as in the Seattle game). And if you're going to suggest the D-line has improved their run game, it's more an effect of the linebacking corps, IMO. Laurinaitis, Vobora and Spoon are one hell of an underrated trio. It's too bad they can't get a pass rush so they can close in on the TE with any certainty.

- I'm sick of moral victories. Win a game, damnit.

Go Rams, or something.