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Random Ramsdom Sept. 21, 2009


Another week, another Rams loss. Jim Thomas has a recap of the game. If you missed it, it can pretty much be summed up by saying, "Donnie Avery needs stickum."

Mike Sando says that we are making progress. I'd say so. Steven Jackson still isn't being used enough, but our offense definitely had a nice spark- even if it was sporadic. Of course we are still waiting for some pressure..paging Chris Long.

Retrospectively, it's somewhat amusing to read the Hog's Haven questionnaire with the Field Gulls (Seattle's website).
I expect Avery to run double-moves and other deep patterns. He is a homerun threat.

Laurent Robinson is a low-level possession receiver that couldn't make the roster of most teams.

With that, one final question. Which QB do you think had a more impressive day?