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Week 2, Rams @ WAS: Second half game thread

The Rams took a 7-6 lead into the locker room at the half. The biggest half of the season is up next.

Quick reads:


  • Dropped balls kept the offense from getting momentum. The Rams came out sharp with a quick first down, and had another that Avery dropped. It looked lie a long day was in store.
  • The defense has had ups and downs, to say the least. People kept missing TE Chris Cooley early on. Take your pick: Wade, Witherspoon, Butler...they all missed Cooley at least once. 
  • The secondary has played well in a game that the Redskins have decided to make a passing affair. Not without flaw, but better than last year. Bartell came up with huge turnover late in the second quarter. 
  • The defensive line is the biggest weakness, but they played much better as the second quarter unfolded. One key difference: they finally started getting some pressure, just when Washington was really working to make things happen. Talk about bend, not break...they owned the Skins (with a little help from the Skins) in the red zone. Don't think that Spagnuolo's experience with WAS didn't matter here.
  • Running up the middle was going nowhere until Jackson broke off that long one. They need to stick with the run, but find more plays for the outside. Haynesworth is a beast. 
  • One big difference in the run game: much better blocking in the second quarter. RIchie Incognito was getting to the second level - or drawing a penalty (yeah, I know) - to get the Rams there. 
  • More disciplined play, but Avery has been a costly presence out there with two penalties and a big dropped pass. 
Still lots of football to be played.