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Week 2, Rams @ Washington: Game Thread

Rams_logo_small_medium Redskins_logo_medium

Week 2
St. Louis Rams at Washington Redskins
FexEx Field; Landover, MD
TV: Fox; 12:00 p.m. CST

Weather: Sunny, Mid-70s, Calm wind

Well, here we are, the second week of the new era. The pressure may be on Washington to win (we're rebuilding remember), but the Rams face plenty of their own pressure to play better than they did last week. Washington's offense wasn't much better than ours, and if the defense tightens up a little and keeps pressing for the turnovers, it could be a good game. Of course, the Rams offense faces a tough hurdle in the Washington defense, vastly improved up front with the addition of Albert Haynesworth at DT. That doesn't mean they can abandon the run, the Giants ran well off the edges last week.

Here's the full preview from 3k (too bad you couldn't have stuck around to catch the game here today).

Surely the lessons of stopping the TE will sink in after last week? Here's what the Redskins will be looking to do with Cooley, and the Rams will have to stop.

Enough talk, let's play football.