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Rams lead Governor's Cup contests 6-5

Tomorrow night the St. Louis Rams close out the preseason with their yearly intra-state battle for the ages known as the Governor's Cup.

You read the "two bad teams rebuilding" piece in the Post-Dispatch this morning that Kevin linked to in Random Ramsdom, but did you know...

  • The Governor's Cup goes back to 1968, when the Chiefs and Cardinals would meet each year.
  • The Cup is awarded as part of the two team's preseason games, despite several meetings during the regular season.
  • The home team has won the last five preseason Governor's Cup games. The location goes back and forth each year; this year it's in St. Louis.
  • The Rams lead the Governor's Cup series 6-5.
  • The Chiefs are 4-0 against the Rams since the team moved to St. Louis in 1996.

No matter who wins the game, Missouri's the real winner...whatever that means.