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Random Ramsdom 9/2


In case you missed's the Rams' stellar 2006 draft class and updates on where the players are.

Pick by pick, Ramsgab breaks down who the Rams took in '06, and who they could have had. Some of the "could have had's" make me cringe a little.

A full report from Jim Thomas of the PD on the recent flurry of roster moves, most notably the trade of Tye Hill to Atlanta for a seventh round pick in next year's draft. Hey, Madison Hedgecock was a seventh round pick and he was a Pro Bowl alternate in 2008. But he, like the 2006 draft, was wasted under Scott Linehan.

Mike Sando's take on the Tye Hill-less secondary.

Will from Ramsherd gives his angle on what the roster moves say about the new Rams.

Background on the upcoming Governor's Cup, provided by Bill Coats of the PD.

I think the Rams did the right thing by passing on Andre Smith in the draft. He may well turn out to be a great tackle in the NFL, but his holdout and now broken foot have already caused the Bengals some headaches.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Pacman Jones signs with a Canadian League team.

Norman Chad of has his quarterbacks to watch this year. What, no Marc Bulger?

Everyone have a great Wednesday. Only eight days until kickoff!