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Rams add a defensive tackle

In what could be something of a telling move, the St. Louis Rams added another DT yesterday. Leger Douzable was added to the practice squad, after spending the first week of the season on the Giants active roster. 

An an undrafted rookie in 2008, he went from the Vikings to the Giants practice squad, before dressing with the team for the last four games of the season.

Here's Spagnuolo on the signing:

I’m obviously familiar with him, from being in New York. I think he’s a character guy. He’s got some talent. I thought it was an opportunity to get him in here, see what he could do, and how he would mix with the guys here.

Let me translate for you: "I'm concerned as Hell about our defensive tackle situation, and want to find as many big, warm bodies as I can just in case."