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Getting to 31: Syncing up the O

With thanks to VanRam for posting it (and ESPN for creating the power rankings) we are ranked dead last in the league. As bad as the Rams played Sunday, I think it would be best if we started with baby steps. So what do we need to do to get to 31? Sync up the offense.

The main reason teams win games is because they put up some points (go figure). The offense had plenty of opportunities to score and couldn't find a rhythm. Whether it be Bulger taking too long to get through his reads, the wide receivers not getting enough separation or Richie Incognito doing what he does best, it just didn't happen.

Let's remember that Bulger was out for most of the preseason, as was Avery. The growing pains of rust, a new playbook and new players will take time to get rid of. I'd expect this Sunday we will see a more in-sync, ready-to-go offense then we did against Seattle (nothing spectacular though). After all, it can't get much worse.

The Bulger haters need to realize that growing trust and rhythm with new receivers takes time. Since they couldn't do this in the preseason, It is going to take a few weeks in the season for this to happen. People shouldn't be so quick to blame Bulger when so many pieces of the puzzle don't fit. Things like Jason Brown not hearing the snap isn't Bulger's fault. If you've never been to Qwest Field, I can tell you first hand- it gets damn loud (so loud that I can't even hear the person next to me without them yelling at the top of their lungs). Bulger knew exactly what was going on and was practically begging Brown to launch the ball to him.

With anything that is broken, you need to do some troubleshooting to fix it. Blaming it all on Bulger (who had an "eh" game that day but threw no interceptions) without first trying to isolate the problems (the WR's, the playbook, the nasty tub of goo named Incognito) is foolish. Wait until he can develop a relationship with the receivers so that he can trust where they are. Wait until the team can iron down what plays work well for them (or can figure out a way to hold without the ref's seeing it..).

There is no way the Rams will dump or bench Bulger, as he is their best option this year. Boller is not the answer, and at this point, neither is Null. So quiet down, watch the games, and wait.

Remember, if it becomes to painful, you can always change the channel.