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Can you feel it? That's the life being sucked out of the fan base. It's definitely not a good thing when your ALREADY looking to next year one game into the season. The defense started out well, but if you can't get anything off of three turnovers then you're not going to win.

You have to feel sorry for Marc Bulger. If anything, he was probably the most motivated person on offense (possibly the whole team). If your willing to get in a fight with a 350lb. defensive tackle, you can't say he wasn't fired up. He had a few plays where he had all the time in the world to throw, but had no one to throw it to. The offense that came out today was pathetic and uncreative. I'm all for sticking with your game plan and not deviating from a system you believe will work, but when you can't put up ANY points (and can't throw even when your facing what was one of the worst secondaries in the league last year), you've got to make some changes.

No one should be able to defend Richie Incognito at this point. Blocking capability aside (he missed a few assignments today), you have to dump him after this season. He's had plenty of time to change and he just hasn't done it. You should not have to worry about your RG making drive ending penalties every game. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. 12 men on the field? I could see it if someone accidentally was in by the sideline, but you just can't make those sort of mistakes!

What a sloppy unmotivated mess! But look on the positive side: If you need a new fantasy tight end, you know where to find one.

Look for more analysis on the game later- check out 3k's analysis for some good in-depth team grading.