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Random Ramsdom: Sept 10th 2009



Please excuse the tardiness of this one...not only did my computer not boot (Hooray for Vista) but then my internet would not work. When it rains it pours, but onto the Rams...

Jeff@Ramsgab posted up the Rams DVOA for the preseason. Mean wins: 8.7. Not too shabby if you ask me.

While it's been reported on earlier, the Rams cut Chris Draft. Quinton Culberson was resigned as a result and it appears David Vobora will be starting against the Seahawks at that position. I'm all for saving money, but when he only (only? I would take that salary) makes 1.225 million dollars and your asking him to take a 25% cut, doesn't that start to pass into the realm of being a tight-wad? Especially when you only have 6 LB's on the team now, 5 of which are able to play (Larry Grant is injured).

Sando chimes in with some analysis on the Draft catapulting as well.

It seems like everything is starting to come back together after all those little injuries, just in time for Seattle.

the 2006 draft was blah, but how will this one do? The top two have made the starting lineup, with two more sure to get some playing time during the season. Time will tell if we trade them to Atlanta or they become good starters.

T-minus 3 days and counting.