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The Next Cut

With today's cut in the book's, the next step on all the players on the roster is trying to make it past this Saturday, September 5th.With the KC game looming two days prior to that, anyone who wants a roster spot will need to play well this week to get one.

Lets look at some of the hopefuls, shall we?

Gary Gibson: He's been doing a good enough job to get Adam Carriker out of the starting line-up, but even then Jim Thomas had him "on the bubble". With James Hall, Victor Adeyanju, Leonard Little and Chris Long on the outside and Carriker and Clifton Ryan (presumably with rookie Darell Scott and/or Hollis Thomas) on the inside, there isn't much room left for another player . However, he has played well enough and a solid performance this Thursday should give him enough in the eye of the coaches to make it onto the team.

Quincy Butler: Butler had a good camp and followed that up with unimpressive play in the preseason (he did have an interception last week though). With Tye Hill gone, he has a better chance to make it, especially if he can up his game on Thursday. He will probably stick with the team at the 5th spot unless they can find someone better.

Keith Null: Whether you think he is going to be big later on or not, the 3rd QB spot is up for grabs. Boller and Bulger are safe, obviously, but with the Rams slowly jettisoning older players, Null has a good chance. With no one clearly in the lead, KC's game will decide who will be looking for a job.


Enjoy your Tuesday everyone.