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Rams trade Tye Hill to Atlanta

And so the Tye Hill saga enters a second chapter somewhere else.

It's being reported that the Rams have traded CB Tye Hill, the team's 2006 first round pick, to the Atlanta Falcons for a seventh round pick in the 2010 draft.

...a seventh round pick, which should tell you much about how the new coaching staff saw Hill in their plans. More reaction to come. Hat tip to Rams Gab

That's the fifth roster spot for today's cut down. It also means that the Rams will not put fifth round draft pick WR Brooks Foster on IR, not yet anyway. 

Hill was due to make just over a million bucks this season. He might have gotten the axe anyway, so a 7th round pick is actually a decent return, in a perverse sort of way. Also makes me wonder, given a pretty green group of cornerbacks, if the Rams won't add another CB as rosters get trimmed between now and the Sep. 5 deadline for winnowing it down to a 53-man unit.