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First cut is the deepest: Random Ramsdom, 9/1

Get out your scissors, it's the first roster cut down day. Today is the NFL's deadline for teams to trim their rosters to a mere 75-players. RIght now, the St. Louis Rams have 80 on their roster. Who's staying, who's going?

The first decision they'll have to make is whether or not to put Brooks Foster on injured reserve, shelving him for the season. He could be back around week five or six, but isn't likely to contribute much at wide receiver having missed much of camp and the preseason. Some of the more obvious roster spots vulnerable for cutdown today include offensive linemen, defensive linemen and defensive back, a few of those guys might still have a chance to catch on with another team hurting at one of those positions.


K Josh Brown, coming off an awful night in Cincinnati, pointed to Culberson, Vobora and Chamberlain as guys who could have a big year playing on special teams. 

QB Marc Bulger will not play against the Chiefs this week, but he is good to go against the Seahawks in the season opener on Sep. 13. It's not ideal, but giving Boller some more time it's a bad idea either, given Bulger's injury history. Can't someone invent like a flexible kevlar finger condom for just this type of thing?

The Chiefs will be playing without their starting QB...and their offensive coordinator. Man, what is it with the AFC West? Do they have like a yearly bad decision-making seminar hosted by Al Davis?

Giants DE Osi Umenyiora isn't so happy about Spagnuolo's new gig.

How byzantine are the NFL's blackout rules...particularly for preseason games. The Rams game will be blacked outin St. Louis, despite the fact that it features BOTH Missouri teams.