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Rams scrimmage features fans, football, and an Adam Carriker ankle injury

The scrimmage is in the books and this time next week we'll be talking about the St. Louis Rams first preseason game. The scrimmage was great, well-attended, action packed; however, we've got our first bit of bad news. Adam Carriker injured his ankle...his left ankle...the one he injured before and tried to play through the last with last year. Hopefully, it's just the pains of getting back into the swing of things, but keep an eye on him, as this could really impact the team's fortunes.

Speaking of injuries that won't impact the team's fortunes as much, S Eric Bassey suffered a more serious knee sprain. The Rams, however, brought it S Craig Dahl (who missed part of the scrimmage with a "tweaked" hammy), a former Spags guy in NY, and S Todd Johnson remains the top candidate for backup S duties anyway.

Karney's ankle appears to be healing, though he did play last night.

Do yourself a favor and check out Hetfield72's pictures and report from the scrimmage. Hetfield72, I'll be sure you get a free t-shirt when we get them.