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Camp report roundup, 8/6: Inside view of the Rams receivers

Today is the one week point for the St. Louis Rams training camp, sort of, since last Thursday it was just rookies, QBs and assorted others practicing. We'll call it a week anyway. Afternoon practice yesterday was a special teams affair, and by all accounts the Rams kickers and punters are still among the finest in the league. Couple other things of note to pass along...

Donnie Avery took on the notion that the Rams have a glaring weakness at wide receiver. Here's Avery:

We don't have those all-star receivers, but we do have great receivers. We have a couple vets and then me and Keenan Burton and Derek Stanley. We don't have that great exposure as other receivers but we do have good receivers.

He and ESPN's NFC West corespondent Mike Sando exchanged several questions in the interview, but Avery's scouting report of the other receivers is the most interesting.  Here he is on his teammate from the 2008 draft class, Keenan Burton:

Great guy. Big, physical receiver. Fast. He got hurt a couple of games last season and was out for a while. He didn't catch as many balls as he wanted or as many as we wanted, but he still came in and made an impact when we needed him.

His take on Laurent Robinson jumped out at me:

He is extremely fast. Big, physical receiver. Reminds me a lot of Larry Fitzgerald. Smart. He knows how to get open.

Fitzgerald, eh? We'll see about that, but you have to love Avery's enthusiasm.

Injury update:

FB Mike Karney is still out, and G John Greco will have ankle reevaluated today.