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It's only a flesh wound: Minor injuries can't derail the Rams day at camp

The St. Louis Rams' afternoon practice is just underway, and there is already some exciting news trickling in from the morning practice. First, let's talk about injuries. 

Fortunately, the serious injuries have stayed away thus far. SS James Butler, signed as a free agent in the spring, suffered a bump on his knee. The coaches held him out of morning practice, but he's back in action this afternoon. FB Mike Karney had an ankle issue and sat out too. 

RB Kenneth Darby, who right now leads the race as the top backup runner, hauled in two TD passes in red zone drills. Not surprising to see Darby getting some red zone work, we've talked about his potential in that role before. 

Despite getting burned by Leonard Little, rookie OT Jason Smith excelled in run blocking. No surprise there. His run blocking ability was among the chief factors in the decision to start his pro career on the right side, where he can have an impact right away. 

The same PD report also features more praise for the defensive line, Adam Carriker in particular. It's waaay  early, but the aggressive style employed by Spagnuolo and Flajole could be the team's silent MVP this season.