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Rams defensive line looking good early

Oh, baby... I just got in on a red eye last night and have a bunch of catching up to do. Thanks to 3k and everyone for making catching up with the Rams easy. A couple things jump out at me immediately from camp reports, and that's the defensive line. 

If fourth-round pick DT Darell Scott is "showing off strength and speed", I almost wonder whether he might be more of a crash the pocket type DT than the more traditional NT many viewed him as. That gives the Hollis Thomas signing some more context.

DT Clifton Ryan certainly sounds like he's ready to add some sack totals to his stats this year, but this is not what you want to read about DT Adam Carriker. Any camp-goers have any impressions on Carriker or the rest of the defensive line?

Here's ESPN's Chris Mortensen from Rams Park. He makes it sound like Spagnuolo has installed more of Rocky in Russia approach to training camp after years of Ivan-style hi-tech "training" (was that Rocky III or IV?). He notes that rookie OT Jason Smith has been good in the early goings at camp, which is music to my ears. 

There are TONS of photos from the St. Louis Rams training camp. Just scroll over the photo here and click to view more of them.

Back at you later.