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Can Rams LG Jacob Bell improve in 2009?

It's Jacob Bell profile day in the Rams media world. The PD has a piece on Bell, as does the official Rams site, and the Belleville News Democrat. (Gee, I still don't understand why newspapers are going out of business). I worry a little bit about Bell. He really struggled last season.

According to the statistical research from KC Joyner's Scientific Football, Bell had some troubling numbers. Point of Attack (POA) represents a lineman's run blocks. Last year, playing injured and underweight, Rams LG Jacob Bell had a POA win percentage of 70.7%, a league-worst among regular starters. Run at Bell's blocks averaged just 3.9 yards per attempt (compare that to Incognito's 4.6 YPA or Alan Faneca's 5.4 YPA.

And how did he get his concussion? While pulling on a play, he had his head down and got nailed by Bart Scott. Um, yeah, you've got to have your head up on the line, for obvious reasons. Bell has a better cast of characters around him on the line now, and the Rams have solid depth should Bell prove inadequate. If things really don't work out, Bell's contract does not guarantee his base salary after 2009, so the team could part ways without a huge cap hit. Nevertheless, it's always rewarding to see investments pan out, so here's hoping that Bell gets it together this season.