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Rams interested in a QB?

Monday, August 31. It's officially the last week of the preseason. This time next week, the St. Louis Rams will have settled on their final 53-man roster and practice will be intensely focused on getting ready to open the season on September 13 in Seattle. Oh. Yeah.

Could one of those roster changes be at QB? A rumor popped up on Yahoo! Sports today alleging that the Rams were interested in Eagles backup QB A.J. Feeley. They were "asking" about the 32-year-old with a career passer rating of 69.6...who sat on the bench for all of 2008. It's the Patriots that look the most connected to Feeley. I don't believe the bit about the Rams, unless they asked after Boller's evening against the Falcons. I really don't think Boller, overall, has been terrible. He's made throws and shown an ability to scramble his way out of trouble. The former Ravens starter looked much sharper against the Bengals last week. If the Rams were going to trade for a QB, I'd rather see them grab Tyler Thigpen from the Chiefs...and that's pure armchair GM'ing.

Obviously, the connection here is Pat Shurmur, former Eagles offensive coordinator, who would be interested in getting a backup who knows his offensive system, probably a #3 and an insurance policy given the contract Boller has.