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Random Ramsdom: Aug. 31st, 2009


I think everyone can agree with me that the collective community of Rams fans had a huge sigh of relief after the Bengals game..It's good to know they have some fight in them. While your procrastinating at work on this fine Monday morning, enjoy the links below.


Jeff over at Ramsgab asks, Why not us? A win over Seattle in the first week sure would be nice way to start and with their suspect secondary (isn't Jim Mora a "secondary specialist"?) it could give the Rams a good chance to show what they have at WR.

Cincy Jungle takes a look at if the Rams defense was too good, or if the Bengals O-Line was just horrible, with a breakdown of each of the six sacks (it just brings a smile to your face when you can say the Rams had 6 six, preseason or not).

Are the Rams taking magic injury pills? The AP Reports Marc Bulger is back throwing (but not taking snaps, mind you). STLtoday says that Carriker, Little, Avery and Jacob Bell all could be playing this week against KC. Of note in that article, this quote stands out to me:

The Rams have scored 40 points off nine turnovers in the three preseason games. During the entire regular season in 2008, the club produced just 45 points off turnovers.


STLToday's notes also has a quick blurb on the second CB Spot (as well as Jason Smith). It's looking like Jonathan Wade vs. Tye Hill