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Rams division rivals not without issues

As far as starting performances go this week, the Rams have had the most consistent efforts out of their first team units on offense and defense. Our NFC West division rivals struggled some in the third week of preseason football.

The Rams, 49ers and Seahawlks all won this week, but there were warning signs.

Against the Cowboys, San Francisco's passing game struggled mightily. Shaun Hill was just 9-for-17 with 79 yards, and even with 5 Frank Gore runs they only got 3 first half points. Here's ESPN's Mike Sando's reaction to the Niners passinggame:

More broadly, how much evidence have we seen suggesting the 49ers are developing momentum in their passing game this summer?

The Seahawks struggled on the other side side of the ball. Despite putting Matt Cassel on the shelf indefinitely, Chiefs running backs Larry Johnson and Jamaal Charles averaged 4.5 and 7.7 yards per carry, respectively, on a total of 15 carries for 90 yards. It's worth pointing out just how bad the Chiefs are. Part of the problem were missed tackles from Seattle starters. Seattle struggling against the run; that bodes well for the Rams. QB Matt Hasselbeck looked like his former Pro Bowl self against a weak Chiefs defense. 

My point, besides a little finger in the eye of our division rivals? If the Rams play physical, disciplined football they can compete within the division, which is exactly what they have to in their climb back to respectability this season.