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Random Ramsdom - Aug. 3, 2009: Jason Brown is a strange cat

A couple links to get the week going.


Jason Brown's Junk

 - There's not much else to be said after reading this.  Beware, gems like this one are included:

"Mainly it's [Marc Bulger] getting to know my rear end, and him being comfortable with his hands underneath my rear end," Brown said bluntly.  If that wasn't a simple enough description, Brown then said, "He's checking my oil everyday."

This is one of those facets of football we just shouldn't discuss.

Overall updates

 - Coats' notes.  If you're not reading these, you should be.  Of note: tomorrow's practice will be a bit lighter than previous ones.

 - Steve Korte (of B N-D fame) wraps up the weekend.

Player pieces

 - Korte reports on Steven Jackson's time in camp and his weight training.

 - Jim Thomas (P-D) talks to Leonard Little, who reminds us he is the last remaining player on the roster from the '99 world champion Rams.  How time flies.

 - Bill Coats talks to Chris Draft who's playing the MLB with the first team...for the time being.

Special guests

 - Missouri HC Gary Pinkel & staff are at practice today along with ESPN's Chris Mortensen.


I'll drop a wrap-up of some notes from other camps around the NFL later this week.