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Injuries actually helping the Rams this year

Despite what's been a relatively long list of injured Rams players missing preseason time, the team has been pretty lucky in that department. Of the starters that have missed time this month, Marc Bulger's broken pinkie has been the most serious of the bunch. I might have through Avery's broken foot was the worst, but, as he said, he runs fast, but he heels faster.

I'm knocking on wood as I type this, but the offensive line has remained pretty healthy, with LG Jacob Bell and LT Alex Barron missing some time with, respectively, a mild concussion and  some swelling in the knee. Compare that with what's happening elsewhere in the NFC West.

In Seattle, future Hall of Fame LT Walter Jones is out with a knee injury, and the team is denying a credible report that Jones is not finished for the season. Either way, it's highly unlikely that Jones will be in uniform when the Rams open their season in Seattle.

Today, it was announced that San Francisco 49ers RT Marvel Smith will retire because of back problems. The Rams pass rushers have to be licking their chops at that news.

Arizona hasn't been so unfortunate in the injury department. Some big names have missed some time this month, but only second round pick LB Cody Brown has suffered a major injury, a dislocated wrist, that will keep him out for the season. Arizona's first team offense has not scored a TD so far in preseason play...emphasis on the preseason part.

In their 2009 Almanac, Football Outsiders made a shocking prediction that the Rams would win 8 games. A big part of that prediction hinged on the Rams not being likely to sustain as many injuries as they have in the last three seasons. A healthy Rams team matched up against a couple division rivals missing key players now makes that prediction more likely, since that's where the Rams have to pick up wins given a tough schedule outside the division.