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Car fires and other notes from the Rams win over the Bengals

Random thoughts and observation and quotes from the St. Louis Rams win over the Bengals last night...

Give props to the odds makers, they made the Rams 2.5 point favorites.

Chris Draft and Gary Gibson left the game early because of asthma irritation. Why? The coach explains:

...I don't know if you saw but there was a car on fire (near the south end zone), and I guess the smoke got to both of them.

Well, it was Cincinnati. At least it wasn't a riot.

The Bengals offensive line didn't exactly make an impression, a good impression. From

The offensive line looked good only to Alvin Keels, the agent for first-round holdout Andre Smith.

You'd never know there were any other games being played last night if you just read the national media. Why? Because Michael Vick played...even though he did nothing to really merit the hype.

Steven Jackson reacted to the game, via Twitter:

Great win 4 us tonight. Defense was getting after it.

So did Atogwe.

Another win on the road. Good outting with the boys. Back to the house, back to work...

Be sure to check out the game photos above.