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Rams @ Bengals, 8/27/09, preseason week 3: Open Thread

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St. Louis Rams @ Cincinnati Bengals
Preseason, week 3
Broadcast: KTVI, St. Louis; maybe somewhere else too.

Lots to see tonight as the Rams try to shake off a tough loss to the Falcons last week, a loss which featured scary reminders of last year's run defense. We didn't run quite as much on the preview side of things this week. I intentionally skipped the three questions because those things should be fairly obvious. Three things the Rams need to do this week:

  • Better run defense from the first team
  • Key players need to step up (Tye Hill, Kyle Boller, Chris Long, Adam Carriker, Jason Smith)
  • Better run blocking

Bulger is out. Little, Carriker and Avery are not expected to play tonight. Darby's probably out. Barron and Bell are to be determined. Notably absent for the Bengals tonight is QB Carson Palmer.

Here's 3k's game preview.

For Cincy's view, head over to Cincy Jungle.

As always, we'll be in the comments and on Twitter,