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Random Ramsdom Aug. 27th 2009: Its about to begin

This is it! The third preseason game is when we usually see the starters out the longest, and after the Atlanta showing, I'd say they need some more practice anyway. Onto today's news:

BND has a interview with Kyle Boller and how he wants to finish off drives. Who doesn't Kyle?

Ramsgab's Quote of the Day by Jeff takes a look at an interview about the NFC West Division winner this year. Football Outsiders has us with 8.2 wins this season.

Jim Thomas has 5 things to watch for during the Cinci game. Most alarmingly is the fact that we haven't scored a first team touchdown yet. Reminds me of a certain head coach we had...Do us a favor and punch it in guys?

That's all for now, as most of the big heads are buzzing about writing previews about preseason games...Will our run defense hold, will Steven Jackson be ready with so few carries..(Mike Sando looks at this statistic about preseason carries. Steven Jackson only had 16 carries in the preseason in 2006).

All you can do now is watch...and maybe pray!


Have a good Thursday!