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Should the Rams give Jackson more carries in the preseason?

Don't expect to see Steven Jackson carrying the ball anymore against the Bengals tomorrow night than he did against the Jets and Falcons in previous weeks. Ok, maybe just a little more, but not enough to notice. The St. Louis Rams are deliberately curtailing Jackson's workload in the preseason.

Is it good or bad that Jackson's not getting more work in the preseason?

As excited as I am about Jackson being 100% this year and as ready as I am to see him burn up the field, I can wait until the season starts. He's getting plenty of practice and conditioning, unlike last year's holdout that kept him off the practice field entirely and contributed to a slow start from the Rams featured back. There's no point putting him at risk in the preseason when you already know what he's capable of doing on the field.Holding LaDainian Tomlinson out of preseason play never hurt his seasons over the years. Age and workload contributed to that.

On top of that, there's a wide open race to find a legit backup for Jackson, and those guys need to spend as much time with the offense as possible to distinguish themselves.