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He's baack! Avery is practicing

The St. Louis Rams finally got some good news on the injury front. Somewhere in Hell, there's a snowball fight happening.

Donnie Avery participated in team drills today, just 24 hours after running on the foot he broke in the August 7 scrimmage. Not that you need me to remind you, but that's very good news for the Rams. The passing game has showed some real progress in the first two preseason games, thanks in large part to Laurent Robinson who looks ready to rebound. Avery back in the mix gives Marc Bugler two solid options at WR.

Speaking of Bulger, he's still out, status unchanged. He could be back against the Chiefs next week, but most likely will sit out until the opener.

Adam Carriker also participated in practice today, and is day to day. He, Avery and Little will miss the Bengals game this week.

Other items of note...

In his chat with fans at, PD beat reporter Jim Thomas relayed good news for Rams fans outside the Metro area:

DirectTV is testing a broad-band only Sunday Ticket package in Manhattan this year. If things go well that may expand.

Nice. I'd think the league would want something like MLB has done with their Game Day package, which still features blackouts.