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Injured Rams starters have hurdles to clear even after they return

It's incredibly good news for the Rams that #1 WR Donnie Avery is running at full speed. It's been just slightly over two weeks since he was hurt in the team scrimmage. The broken bone in Avery's foot was expected to keep him out four to six weeks. If he plays against the Chiefs in the Rams final preseason game on September 3, he'll be back in action in just under 4 weeks. How cautious should the Rams be with Avery? They're being extremely cautious with all of their injured players...which is good.

DT Adam Carriker is back doing individual drills. How soon he'll be back remains to be seen. The former first round pick is carrying plenty of expectations into the season, so he needs as much time as he can get to quell the doubts facing him.

LG Jacob Bell is a successful concussion test away from returning to action. He's another one that has lots of work to overcome first impressions.