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Random Ramsdom Aug. 24th 2009: Slow Progress

Week in and week out you play football, and having the head coach admit the team is not prepared is not a good thing at all. Let's hope for a better showing this week, shall we? Here's some reading fodder for you to digest for this fine Monday:

ProFootballWeekly takes a look at some of the things going on around the league, and says Adam Goldberg has more then a shot to start come Week 1.

Bill Coats talks about Alex Barron, how it's either going to be a payday or a kick to the curb next year. Do you know what Alex Barron thinks of Basketball?

it was — and still is — his favorite sport.

Glad to know he's dedicated to football.

Jim Thomas looks at our injuries and has a recap on the Atlanta game. This week's game may be a glimpse of the real offensive line- Jacob Bell and Alex Barron both have a chance to play.

Pete Prisco thinks that it just isn't right that the Rams aren't flashy anymore. Has it already been 10 years?


Feel like writing? Jeff at Ramsgab has the step-by-step guide on how to write a national story on the Rams. With that easy 5 step program, you'll be writing in a mere minutes! (It actually used Pete Prisco's post as an example).

Have a good Monday everybody.