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Random Ramsdom: Aug. 20th 2009

Another day, another set of links. The Falcons game is fast approaching and while you're at your office not working doing your job and think of a Falcons/Rams question, ask Dave the Falconer for a response from someone on the other side of the field.

If you feel like a history lesson, Nick at Ramsgab takes a look at the past accolades for our backup quarterbacks. Nostalgia, pinky fingers, and more.

Will at Ramsherd checks in with Sam and Ben from PFF and look at how the defense has changed recently.

Mike Sando says that Jason "nobody touches mama" Brown and the rest of the O-line have been teaching Jason Smith the tools of the trade. Care to speed it up a bit guys? Mama needs to be upright for this team to succeed.

The Rams support staff is going to be going through a bit of training after settling a 134,000 dollar lawsuit. I'll give the team the benefit of doubt, but in the No Fun League, you'd think this sort of thing wouldn't happen.

the blog by Jason La Canfora reports the Rams brought in Ahmad Green for a workout. Really guys? he's an 11 year pro and hasn't had a good season since 2006.

Tony Moss from the Sports Network takes a look at the tomorrows upcoming preseason game.

To end it off, I think it would be fitting to tell everyone that Brett Favre plays for the Vikings now. The media really hasn't been covering it, so I thought it should be brought up again.