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Random Ramsdom - Aug 2., 2009: The hits keep coming

  The Rams training camp has been an overwhelming success so far.  Why?  No injuries, and no holdouts.  Just look around the NFC West: Crabtree holding out, Beanie Wells hurt in the Cards' first practice - we're doing pretty damn well so far.


Aug 1 recaps

 - RamsGab hits day 3 with a couple notes and photos.  Some great observations that avoid the traditional media filter.

 - Nick Wagoner updates the official Rams' site with his day 3 piece

 - Jim Thomas pushes the reality of the new Rams camp - these guys are getting their lumps early.

Zany miscellany

 - Jeff Gordon looks at how the physicality impacts the Rams' attitudes.  Just check this quote from Ron Bartell:

You better have some attitude. I don’t think we carried the attitude the past couple of years that we should’ve had, and we paid for it on the field. (The new staff) is coming in and instilling a new attitude, a new philosophy. We’re just buying in.

 - A couple notes from Bill Coats that begin with Larry Grant's determination to get into the mix with the LB corps.

 - Speaking of Coats, he was on hand this morning to report that Action Jackson was getting smacked around this morning and add some observations on this morning's practice.  The best one?

TE Joe Klopfenstein sat out after experiencing what Spagunuolo described as "a bad reaction to some medicine.

  That medicine was "coaching."

 - Building off of the end of yesterday's Random Ramsdom, Vahe Gregorian discusses how Dallas' mammoth stadium impacts St. Louis.


Go Rams!