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Rams lucky injuries have been relatively minor

There's some good news on the injury front for the St. Louis Rams...good news for a change, huh, strange new feeling. Pardon me while I get used to it.

You may have noticed PCarn's fanpost discussing the news about WR Donnie Avery and his desire for an early return. The boot is off his foot, but watch for the Rams to be extra cautious with their top receiver. A broken foot can slow a player, especially a receiver, even after his return.

Via the Rams Twitter feed, Adam Carriker was running at practice today. The DT is recovering from an ankle injury and is expected to return next week.

On the offensive line, Bell and Barron are both day-to-day. FB Mike Karney and S Craig Dahl are back in at practice and should play this week.

Remember, the Rams have sustained freakish levels of injuries over the past three seasons. If you're playing the odds - and this is a much younger team - the meat wagon at Rams Park won't be as busy this year. The injuries to Bulger and Barron and Avery, etc. are concerning, but still kind of a dodged bullet, more easily chalked up to the pings and pangs of getting back into the game's physical grind, something no amount of offseason conditioning can account for.

Some of these guys sitting out could probably play during the regular season, even Bulger said he would have tried to play with his pinkie if this were a regular season tilt. Be thankful the team is being cautious with their injured players.